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Vaso, Greece:

Some days ago I organized a focus group with whom we discussed the problem of fake news.

The project took place in the Institute of Vocational Training of Ampelokipi, in Athens, Greece and the people who participated are journalism students.

Thanks to the coordination of the principal and the teacher we successfully managed to contemplate on topics regarding fake news, while we discussed the differences between fake and false news.


Furthermore, the participants were very interested and they got involved by mentioning fake news that went viral in the past few weeks in Greece.

Due to the field of their studies, they were really active and the whole discussion was more of a dialogue than a lecture. The participants shared examples of people who believed in hoaxes and invalid information and the consequences they faced and we had a very constructive discussion on it.

I believe that such actions in the local community are very useful, especially to students and teens.


Unfortunately, the Public Institutes of Vocational Training are really underprivileged in Greece and they are not well-funded, just like the rest of the Public Education facilities.

Even though these people are not offered the best kind of services during their studies, they do their best to learn more and more regarding several topics and they want to develop their skills, especially when they are closely related to the job they want to get.


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Maria, Hungary:

Our focus is to inform youth between 15 and 30 years old in Hungary about fake news nowadays. On Tweeter we use #fightingfakenews hashtags to spread our content as widely as possible, which is uploaded 3 times a week. The first post is an introduction about the project. The second presents some statistics about children’s awareness of fake news and currently we are uploading the tips and advice for how not to be fooled by fake news.


At the same time we post Instagram stories about some interesting facts related to the topic.

Against Fake News

A logo of the action was created and we have the same content on Instagram and on Twitter. We use the same colors in the pictures to be identified easier in the news feed and make readers aware about fake news and their impact upon us.


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Einoras, Lithuania:

Since we are aware about the impact of fake news upon us, we make presentations in our local community and schools and advert about critical thinking.


Instagram profile about fake news, and our presentations can be fallowed at:

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Ada, Romania,

Spreading awareness among our community about fake news is important! Full Romanian article:


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